Planning & Regulations

We have extensive, highly successful experience in enabling building designs to reach – and often significantly and valuably exceed – planning and building regulations.

Planning & Regulations

We have extensive and highly successful experience in enabling building designs to reach – and often significantly exceed – planning and building regulations. This will involve the optimization of renewable energy use as well as water and waste efficiency.  In all cases, we aim to provide solutions which will deliver both compliance with statutory requirements and cost savings.


RED's involvement during the conception of the project has proven to be essential in order to assist with driving through planning applications in a number of high profile developments by addressing the renewable energy and water recycling conditions imposed by the local authority. Invariably, these conditions are becoming more and more demanding as a result of planning guidelines which continue to strive towards less use of resources, less waste and reduced Carbon emissions. An important part of applications is the Sustainability report, backed up by our extensive computerised analysis systems which gives accurate predictions of estimated savings and on-site renewable energy generation. RED is well versed in negotiating acceptable solutions with local authority sustainability teams in order to achieve the optimum results for the minimum cost to the developer.


As the demands of Building Regulations become more stringent, RED’s capabilities to meet these challenges moves in step with the changes imposed. The use of increasingly innovative technical solutions combined with sophisticated modelling software means that we are able to simulate buildings’ performance whilst they are still on the drawing board to check the performance against the government benchmarks in terms of Carbon emissions and make adjustments as necessary at an early stage to avoid high abortive costs later on. The zero Carbon target for buildings by 2019 is a particularly ambitious benchmark which will require continuous development of our skills.


RED employs In-House qualified BREEAM assessors in order to carry out the challenging process of the certification of new and refurbished buildings as demanded by many blue-chip clients as well as planning departments in order to achieve Very Good or Excellent standards. Our assessors are experienced in driving through certification in a diverse range of sectors where a wide range of subjects are covered including ecology, management, transport, energy and pollution amongst a range of other categories.


As with BREEAM, RED has In-house assessors for LEED which is administered by the Green Building Council of America and is used extensively in the USA and the Middle East. LEED is more detailed and demanding in terms of cost and time expended but is well respected and preferred by many multi-national companies. We are continuously developing our skills in order to keep abreast with an increasing number of LEED assessments on prestigious developments.

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