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Maira Bana

Maira Bana

CFD Manager

RED Engineering

I joined RED as CFD Manager at the end of 2022. I have been working as an engineer in the rather niche field of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for the data centre industry for the last decade.

I work with a diverse team of talented CFD Engineers across the UK and the Philippines – guiding them in their projects in a (hopefully!) supportive environment. The project-management and business-strategy components to my day-to-day work have allowed me to work closely with other teams within RED – so the typical wish for an engineer to never stop learning still stands. 

On the side, I work with SheCanEngineer – a brilliant non-profit initiative designed to encourage girls into Engineering and promote and celebrate women in the sector; as well as volunteering with the IMechE – co-chairing their Construction & Building Services Division, and representing the data centre industry at their Technical Strategy Board.

Belonging to a company that actively supports this external work (that I care so passionately about), has set up Diversity & Inclusion initiatives of its own, offers training around Wellness, and makes sure your voice is heard – all centred around engineering excellence – is rather special.

As for my experience being a woman in engineering… It of course has come with challenges; but seeing the change in demographic over the last few years, and the support from my male peers, has been nothing short of inspiring!

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