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Bahrain: Radical Improvements in Thermal Insulation & Glazing Standards for New Building Regulations

RED is delighted to have successfully completed a year-long study of the thermal insulation standards in Bahrain, providing radical improvements for new building regulations.

Working together with Tractebel, the study covered:

  • Comparison of existing Bahrain versus latest global standards for different building types
  • Upgrade of glazing insulation and solar shading coefficients
  • Thermal bridging
  • The effects of long-term climate change on performance
  • Fire resistance and reactivity
  • Specification of a world-class testing facility in the kingdom

The conclusions of the investigation resulted in improvements of, on average, 35% in thermal insulation performance being implemented into the new building regulations in March 2019

The photo shows Phil Reid (Head of Sustainable Design from RED) presenting the completed report to the CEO of the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) Shaikh Nawaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa.

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