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Data Centres: Implementing Circular Economy Strategies

RED’s Phil Reid will be participating in the blu-3 UK data centre session panel "Data Centres: Implementing Circular Economy Strategies" at The Water & Energy Exchange (WEX) taking place on 13 March at The Oitvaos, Lisbon, Portugal.

Large data centres consume huge amounts of water, which can outstrip a utility’s ability to supply and which in turn puts pressure on infrastructure - thus threatening the availability of water to residents and companies.
 Innovative design of data centres, in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce water usage, has therefore become a booming area for companies operating in the water utilities sector.

Technology giants are actively implementing circular economy initiatives and this session will examine key strategies focusing on increased energy efficiency, water reuse and use of alternative water sources to reduce reliance on potable supplies.

Data Centres - Implementing Circular Economy Strategies:

• Increasing IT energy efficiency
• Overcoming the technical challenges of using alternative water sources such as grey water and sea water
• Improving cooling efficiency and monitoring water use

Now in its 10th successful year, WEX Global has continued to build a great reputation as an important meeting place for top people in the leading organisations that are really making a difference in the world of water and energy.

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