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Capgemini Merlin - Tier III


Technology, Uptime Institute Certificated DCs

Capgemini Merlin - Tier III

Merlin is probably the most energy-efficient data centre in the world. Using the BladeRoom modular system of which it is the first example, its modules were constructed and installed in just 22 weeks and it can double its capacity in 12. RED designed the mechanical and electrical services for modular data manufacturer, BladeRoom, resulting in a stand alone PUE of 1.04 and a full site annual PUE of 1.11. Extensive factory testing was carried out using a purpose built climate emulator to prove the PUE across an entire year.

If all existing data centres were as efficient as Merlin, the CO2 reduction would equal the combined transport emissions (road, rail, shipping, aviation) of the UK and France. At least 90% of Merlin is reusable or recyclable.

With this ground-breaking project, teamworking and communication proved enormously important in moving so far from traditional approaches. In particular, extensive collaboration between the designers, the FM team and the IT team enabled control systems to be designed specifically with the IT installers in mind, maximising their ease of use and minimising error risk. We also wanted to reduce risk by keeping things as simple as possible. Merlin is proving so simple to operate and maintain that it is expected to result in a reduction in maintenance costs of 50%.

Project is now Tier III certified. 

Client: Cap Gemini

Location: UK

Period: Completed 2014

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