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Rugeley Power Station

An existing coal-fired 1GW power station will make way for the new Rugeley eco-town in the English Midlands.  The existing coal-fired 1GW power station is being demolished and the 139 hectares of industrial land will be fully developed and will consist of more than 35 hectares of building footprint comprising of a mix of 2,300  residential units, commercial space, light retail outlets and a school, the remaining area will be landscaped and used for recreational and other land and water based community activities.

RED’s scope for the project is to:

  • Collect data from ENGIE, utilities companies, planners, external consultants
  • Build high level dynamic simulation models for site (Using block buildings)
  • Run simulation passes to establish benchmark and additional passes for different options of construction specification, regarding technologies, energy saving MEP services and infrastructure features such as H2, smart global control, LED lighting, CHP. RED will develop 3 variants;
  • Research into local regulations, planning requirements, future trends, local authority requirements, power system market changes and presentation to client as individual documents






Specialist Engineering & Sustainability
Specialist Engineering


Living, Learning and Leisure


Energy & Sustainability


Completed 2019

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