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CPD Seminars

RED is a member of the Construction CPD Certification Service


Based on the many years of experience of RED's engineers in the industry, this presentation is a practical overview of how to make a CHP installation work successfully in all situations and to address the key elements which need to be considered when assessing CHP technical and commercial viability. 

Planning & Regulations

A highly relevant session to all of those involved in the planning of new and redeveloped buildings. The presentation highlights the main challenges in meeting the ever-increasing climate change and environmental requirements associated with planning and building control including predicted changes in local authority targets such as those in The London Plan.  A portion of the session also looks at mitigating capital costs and carbon offsetting charges associated with climate change requirements.


An introduction to the effects of sustainability on the design of new and refurbished buildings. The seminar covers passive energy/water/waste reduction solutions, energy transition and heat networks.  It looks at the most popular technologies being used at present and what can be expected in the next 5 years and beyond including potential financial paybacks and Carbon emission reductions. 


Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD is becoming an increasingly popular and important design tool. This seminar provides an introduction to the techniques employed and the benefits of dynamic simulation on modelling to assess energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions.


The seminar outlines a number of leading industry modelling techniques. It provides a valuable insight into the latest Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM), Computerised Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and BIM software products we use on a daily basis and how these can be best applied to give the best value for ensuring robust designs based on accurate design parameters under different environmental conditions.

Achieving BREEAM

Delivered by one of our BREEAM advisory professionals, this seminar provides an introduction to the assessment and highlights the challenges and common perceptions surrounding BREEAM, taking attendees through the process, with guidance on key drivers and how BREEAM can make a significant difference to the quality of buildings.