Iain Macdougall Lowres

Iain MacDougall


Head of Sustainability Solutions & Climate Change

Chartered Engineer (CIBSE), Iain MacDougall, spearheads RED's Sustainability team, leveraging his extensive experience to revolutionise the company's approach to sustainability.

A visionary leader driving groundbreaking sustainability practices, Iain has established a pervasive sustainability culture within RED's operations, empowering the firm to achieve its sustainability goals through its grass roots and across various building typologies and scales.

The concept of sustainability is evolving rapidly, with Iain at the forefront of how RED approaches this transformation. A champion of a paradigm shifts in sustainability practices, Iain advocates for radical change, challenging the outdated commercial decision-making processes that has fueled climate change. Iain paves the way for a future of 100% recyclable and net-zero buildings, positively impacting the environment. His vision is to create a future where buildings not only conserve energy but also actively restore the planet's health, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world.

2022 was the sixth warmest year on record, but could turn out to be one of the coolest years in the next 100 if we do not take action to reduce GHG emissions. Engineering can play a key role in adapting our lifestyles and infrastructure to the demands of our climate, and in reversing the warming trend. Iain MacDougall