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RED delivers excellent ICT services by integrating enterprise technology architecture, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimised systems for today's digital landscape.

Our design standards meet growing user expectations, maintaining high service levels and information availability. We create operational networks that cater to diverse needs, from public to corporate domains. Our designs support cloud, social networking, and mobile collaboration in the digital economy.

Strategic Consultancy

Whether a building scheme or a large campus capital development project; the RED ICT consultancy team engage with the key project stakeholders to ensure that the technical architecture strategy is future-proofed to reflect the demands of today’s connected economy, to delivery mobility and continuous connectivity with on-line information resources.

Technical Migration and Project Management

We partner with client ICT service management teams to plan and execute the seamless migration of ICT resources to support system upgrade and premises relocation. Our professional services include project budgeting, procurement consultancy and employers representative in resident engineering and commissioning management.

Critical Facilities

At our core, we specialise in delivering technical excellence in demanding project conditions. With a focus on ICT and telecommunication infrastructure, we offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services throughout the project lifecycle. From initial requirements brief to detailed 2D/3D drawings, technical design specifications, and supply chain consultancy, our expertise ensures successful project outcomes.

Infrastructure Design, Procurement, and Site Services

Our commitment extends beyond consultancy. We excel in infrastructure design, procurement, and site services, guaranteeing seamless project execution. Our comprehensive offerings include commissioning management services, ensuring the successful implementation of ICT and telecommunication infrastructure projects. Trust us to deliver exemplary solutions tailored to meet your project requirements.

In Service ICT Consultancy 

Operators and investors are increasingly focussed upon continuous improvement in operational efficiency. We provide a range of resident engineering technical review services associated with converged IP data network operational performance. Project examples include technology asset audits, ICT equipment performance review, DC facilities audit, risk & resilience review, network security assessment, SLA alignment.