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Health & Safety

RED's team of specialist engineers provides exceptional site-related services, offering unparalleled health and safety guidance during projects.

With extensive expertise, we ensure a safe and secure working environment, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations for successful project execution.

We advise and assist our clients through their construction projects to ensure that they are compliant with local Health & Safety regulations.

CDM Advisor

We provide CDM advisory services, guiding clients through the construction phase of their projects. With expertise in Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations, we offer valuable support to ensure compliance and manage health and safety risks. Our dedicated team assists clients in navigating the complexities of construction while prioritising the well-being of their workforce. By leveraging our services, clients can confidently achieve regulatory compliance and successfully complete their projects.

CDM Principal Designer

Principal Designer services within RED are led by individuals that have extensive Project/Design Management experience and offer a “hands-on approach” to CDM Management.

Design in Safety (DfS)

We offer comprehensive Design for Safety (DfS) assessments, which aim to proactively identify and mitigate safety and health risks associated with a project. Our assessments focus on integrating good design practices during the conceptual and planning stages, ensuring optimal risk reduction.

HAZOP Review

We provide Hazard And Operability Study (HAZOP) assessments to identify potential process controls, HSE and operational problems associated with the design, construction, maintenance or operation of a project.