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Annual Reports

Unveiling RED's sustainability journey: insights, progress, and commitment to a greener future

The RED sustainability team takes pride in the dissemination of our meticulously crafted annual reports, which play a vital role in communicating essential information to our valued stakeholders. 

Serving as a platform for transparency and accountability, these reports offer a comprehensive overview of RED's carbon footprint, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship. By delving into our latest report, stakeholders gain a unique and insightful perspective into RED's sustainability journey.

These reports not only highlight the environmental impact of our operations but also shed light on the strategies and initiatives we have undertaken to minimise our carbon footprint. Here, we showcase our renewable energy projects, sustainable design practices, waste reduction efforts, and other key measures implemented to achieve our sustainability goals.

We invite you to explore our latest annual report and join us in our collective efforts to build a more sustainable world for current and future generations.

Red Environmental Report 2021

Red Environmental Report 2022

RED Environmental Management Report 2023

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