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RED’s Darryll Howell to attend DCD>Jakarta

RED’s Darryll Howell looks forward to meeting industry colleagues at DCD>Jakarta later this week.

Taking place on 19 June at Hotel Mulia Senayan, DCD>Jakarta is attended by senior executives and technical teams from many of the largest data centre operators and enterprise. The conference identifies and brings to life the business opportunities and the challenges that new technologies and innovations are bringing, for in-house, cloud and colocation.

Indonesia is on the cusp of reaching a level of tech-based evolution that will drive the country forward and alter the balance of tech power in South East Asia and beyond. DCD>Jakarta will examine what the technological leap forward means for the Indonesian digital infrastructure ecosystem as well as for wider businesses, government & citizens.

Darryll Howell would be delighted to meet up whilst at the conference. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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