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Alina Sabanska

Alina Sabanska

Associate Mechanical

RED Engineering

The engineering industry continuously evolves and changes to reflect modern times, but the engineering workforce remains very much male-dominated, and men driven.

I am proud to be part of a large technical team that is at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and changing the world as we know it one project at a time. I am a Data Center as well as MEP professional, ensuring that the infrastructure we build for the modern world is not only meeting the population and business needs of today. I am a strong believer in having work talk for itself, so being recognized by clients and colleagues is paramount to me. The main focus and in many ways personal achievement of mine is being involved in bringing up new generations of engineers while leading by example. Being a technically sound engineer comes first, being a woman is only a part of my identity, and that is exactly the mindset I try to instil in how the engineers I interact with continue growing and developing their careers.

I hope that in my efforts, I can show that women in the MEP industry are strong, competent, driven, and compassionate leaders. Women are an asset to the industry; it is about time we lean into this idea a bit harder.

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