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Diana Kenny

Diana Kenny


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I am a Mechanical Engineer at RED, working within the Colocation technology sector. Coming from a manufacturing background, I am enjoying the steep learning curve that comes with a new industry. It’s great to see the skills that can be carried over and applied to new problems, and how engineers across every industry think the same way.  RED’s presence across the globe allows us the opportunity to work with diverse and wide ranging teams, and to incorporate ideas from different cultures and backgrounds into our solutions. Creativity and an open mind combined with a sound basis in engineering principles enables an engineer to take on anything.

Engineering is changing from it’s male dominated history and looking towards a more balanced future. Working with the Ellxengineer community within RED, we can continue to raise awareness of the opportunities that exist for everyone. Hopefully, by being the example I want to see, I can help to drive the changes that we need. A female voice on the design team of any project provides different perspective and invites conversation. And to have every voice and opinion heard and considered, we help to produce solutions that benefit everyone.

I am passionate about promoting engineering as a career to young people. There is a skills shortage in engineering which can be addressed by helping primary school teachers and students appreciate the breadth and depth of roles which exist under the engineering umbrella.

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