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Elinor Kent

Elinor Kent

Sustainability Engineer

RED Engineering

I'm a Sustainability Engineer at RED working on the Sustainability Solutions and Climate Change team (SS&CC).

Where the environment and climate change are of such importance I love to feel like I am making a difference in my role. It's an exciting area to work as things are constantly changing and there are continuously new technologies and ideas. It's a really dynamic industry to be a part of. I did Human Geography at University so have always found topics surrounding sustainability really interesting but never really thought about the engineering industry.

I was lucky enough to join an engineering consultancy in an administrative role straight out of Uni, and they recognised my interest and ability so helped me onto the career path I am on now. I have personally found it quite challenging feeling confident in such a male dominated industry and have often felt my ideas and expertise have not been taken as seriously as my male counterparts. As more women come into the industry that will change and evidence can be seen of this change over recent years.

I think women can and do bring so much to the industry so it's really important that women are continued to be encouraged to chose it as a career path. Even if the more technical side of it is not of interest, there is so much to get involved in, for example in sustainability like me!

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