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Emily Stagg

Emily Stagg

Mechanical Engineer

RED Engineering

I am currently a Mechanical Engineer at RED, working within the Colocation technology sector. The best part about my role is learning new skills every day and applying my engineering knowledge to live projects - to see them develop from concept to detailed design, all the way through to construction, is a very rewarding thing. To also be able to work with such a diverse team, who's skills span across so many different disciplines and professions, is very special and hence, increases the opportunity to learn. I chose this career because I have always enjoyed the engineering sector - Maths, Science & IT were always my strongest subjects, from a very young age. I wanted the chance to put these skills into practice, in an industry that has the ability to make a difference in the future.

It feels amazing to be a woman within the industry - I enjoy representing a minority and being a role model for others. Personally, being a woman makes it even more exciting, because "beating the bias" gives even more of a sense of achievement! It's so important to encourage more women to become engineers... it's another dynamic, attitude, presence, skill set, characteristic that will push the industry to become more "well-rounded". There is a place for everyone in engineering - whether it be on site, at a desk, in a workshop, in an office or at home - it comes in all shapes and sizes. It can sometimes be challenging, but overcoming those challenges makes the journey even more satisfying. RED continues to provide an accepting, understanding and diverse place to work for Women in Engineering, and therefore gives an ideal platform for me to continue growing as a professional.

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