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Enhancing the Built Environment: Transforming Spaces with Innovative Design and Sustainable Solutions

RED is a leading provider of sustainable engineering solutions for built environments. With our expertise and innovative approach, we transform spaces by implementing environmentally conscious practices and technologies that optimise energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


We prioritise human health and quality of life in commercial developments, aiming to optimise productivity and long-term sustainability. RED specialises in designing new buildings and upgrading existing ones, collaborating with developers, architects, consultants, and contractors in various contract arrangements. We understand the importance of meeting industry standards and energy targets for successful project delivery.


We bring meticulous attention and care to projects ranging from hotels, venues, and residential developments to religious and heritage buildings. Our expertise includes creating unique designs for individual clients and adhering to specific criteria or brand standards for experienced developers. Our focus is on maximising value and fostering sustainable development for our clients.

Warehouse Logistics

We offer comprehensive services for warehouse logistics projects, including utility coordination, mechanical and electrical design, drainage and sprinkler design, quality control, testing and commissioning management, handover documentation review, BREEAM consultancy, energy statements, sustainability, and optional BIM modeling. We can also provide CDM Principal Designer and Advisory roles as required.

Public Sector

With expertise in healthcare, government, education, and airport facilities, we prioritise meticulous attention and care for each project. Our versatility shines through in creating custom designs for unique clients and adhering to strict criteria or brand standards for seasoned developers. Our goal is to maximise value and foster sustainable development.

Life Science

We bring over 30 years of diverse experience in the Life Sciences sector, delivering new build, refurbishment, and expansion projects. Our team covers all project phases, from Concept to Validation and Handover, and our track record of securing projects with repeat clients reflects our exceptional service and expertise.


We have vast experience in industrial sectors like food & beverage, chemical, and process plants. Our expertise includes minimising carbon footprint, designing cleanrooms, wastewater systems, high purity water solutions, process control, utilities specification, and more. We leverage advanced engineering techniques for effective coordination and equipment integration, such as BIM, CFD modeling, Arc Flash calculations, and ATEX studies.


We excel in healthcare, government, education, and airport projects, delivering meticulous attention and care. Whether creating unique designs or adhering to specific criteria, our goal is to provide exceptional value, sustainability, and satisfaction to our clients.