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Data Centres

In an increasingly interconnected world, data centres have become vital hubs for businesses, housing vast amounts of data. RED stands at the forefront of innovative design, offering energy-efficient data centres and mission-critical facilities.

These data centres consume significant power, accounting for approximately 2% of global emissions; which is why our low-energy and innovative designs have earned us global recognition, providing world-class solutions for esteemed customers.

Cloud Services

We are proud of our extensive experience in designing hyperscale facilities, establishing RED as a trusted engineering practice for cloud providers and hyperscale operators globally. Our masterplan designs have consistently enhanced operational efficiency across hundreds of Mega Watts, enabling our clients to achieve seamless scalability at their sites.


Our hands on approach and flexible design solutions have allowed operators to manage growth more effectively with scalable system designs better matching the demand curve for space and load.

End User

Many of RED’s Data Centre commissions continue to come from end-users and they often have one-off and bespoke requirements. Our approach to these is to bring design simplicity, flexibility and efficiency to support effective operations, and we pride ourselves on delivering unique Data Centre solutions globally.

Managed Service

The world’s leading managed service providers rely on RED to provide engineering design expertise to support their operations, enabling them to offer comprehensive services to their clients. Our experience spans a range of sub-sectors which positions RED uniquely to provide a 360-degree view on resilient engineering principles. Our understanding of customers’ Service-level Agreements allows us to benchmark facility design and align this with each tenant’s bespoke requirements.


As a leader in the industry, we at RED have been at the forefront of modular Data Centre design for two decades. Our team has successfully designed the world's first Uptime Institute Tier III certified modular Data Centre, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in scalable solutions. We have continuously honed our expertise in modular Data Centre design, ensuring our clients benefit from cutting-edge advancements.

Report & Advisory

We provide due diligence surveys and support for investors and operators during the acquisition stage. Our expertise includes resilience and SPOF reviews, offering tailored solutions to complex challenges in Data Centres. We also conduct operational and facilities management reviews, evaluating systems, processes, and teams across all Data Centre types.