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Johnna Kathleen M. Sabile

Johnna Kathleen M. Sabile

Junior Electrical Engineer

RED Engineering

I am a Junior Electrical Engineer, and I enjoy the company of my team since they are very hospitable and approachable. The industry makes me gain more experience and knowledge given the different types of projects from different countries which means different standards to learn.

In college, our class had only a few woman. Being in the engineering industry it always felt normal, until someone calls out the things that women "can't do". When I was looking for job opportunities, it was hard to find one. There are some companies that had job openings for electrical engineer where in the requirements, being male was on the list, and in my thoughts, I wanted to prove them wrong so badly, that we can also do the things men can do. I was lucky enough to find a job in the construction and engineering industry. I'm grateful to the companies that believed and hired me.

I am new to RED Engineering a company of ENGIE Impact. I was touched when I was included in the movement. Seeing and hearing women promote one another from different countries gives me hope for the future generations. This movement is larger than it really is. It's a small step towards the goal, but an important step that should be taken. I know a lot of women engineers that strive and well successful on their career not just here in the Philippines. I have a professor who was known by the world as Asia's rising scientist as she invented SALt lamp and co-founded the SALt or the Sustainable Alternative Lighting, a social movement that aims to provide alternative lighting solutions that helps many communities. I don't just believe, but I know promoting women in this industry will give confidence to many.

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