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Niamh Faughnan

Niamh Faughnan

Skills & Talent Development Manager

RED Engineering

In my role as the Skills and Talent Development Manager for RED, I am responsible for the Training & Development of our employees and working closely with Leaders of the Business to understand the requirements. Part of my role includes the Graduate Programme, and we continue to grow this programme to continuously build our talent pool. In addition to this, I am part of a few Business Resource Groups, one being WiRED.

I have gained my knowledge, skills, and behaviours through Work Experience, allowing me to complete my CIPD Level 5 and now undertaking my CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development. The most important people in my career were the managers and mentors that I was able to look up to as role models, most of these being Women.

After my career in Housing, I moved into a few different sectors within the ‘Construction and Built Environment’ industry; Construction, Engineering, SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment & Quality) and Project Management. These sectors are all male-dominated and only in recent years, women have been recognised for their positive contribution to the Industry.

In my role, I support and uphold these commitments to a grow and promote our talent pool of women, create a more diverse workforce and work with external bodies to advance our support across the globe.

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