Celebrating 6 years of RED ICT Design and a 50th Data Centre Project!

02 May 2024

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RED ICT, the premier technology consulting branch of RED Engineering Design, is thrilled to commemorate its six-year anniversary and the successful completion of its 50th Data Centre project.

Since 2018, RED ICT has established itself as a pioneer in the sector, specialising in the design and implementation of interconnected infrastructure, intelligent buildings, and smart campuses. Our journey in the critical facilities data centre marketplace has been extraordinary.

Six years of pioneering ICT excellence at RED Engineering Design! Our journey in the critical facilities Data Centre marketplace has been nothing short of remarkable. From cutting-edge innovations to unparalleled client satisfaction, we're setting the standard and shaping the future of technology infrastructure! Phil Beale, ICT Director

RED Engineering Design is known for proficiency in delivering complex smart buildings and digital infrastructure for a range of clients, including those in the data centre, industrial, and commercial sectors. Our all-encompassing service suite includes the design, implementation, testing, and commissioning of various ICT systems and networks, which are crucial in today's built environment.

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The RED ICT APAC team remains committed to addressing the technical requirements of next-generation AI computing by providing innovative solutions that promote efficiency and sustainability.

As we celebrate these remarkable milestones, we invite you to discover our key achievements in ICT design and learn more about our services. If you're in search of innovative ICT solutions tailored to your specific requirements, our team is prepared to discuss how RED Engineering Design can help you achieve your objectives.

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