Stas Brzeski Retires from RED Engineering Design After 40 Years

08 Jul 2024

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Stas Brzeski Announces Retirement from RED Engineering Design After Over 40 Years of Engineering Excellence

Stas Brzeski Retires from RED Engineering Design After 40 Years

RED Engineering Design today announces the retirement of Stas Brzeski, a highly respected building services engineer, who served the last 10 years as a board director of RED and enjoyed over four decades of dedicated service as a consulting engineer.

Stas Brzeski has devoted over 40 years to delivering engineering projects marked by professionalism, client service, technical excellence and teamwork. His contributions to the industry have been instrumental in many successful collaborations with leading UK and international client organisations and project teams.

Throughout his illustrious career, Stas has played a pivotal role in numerous technically demanding and high-profile projects across various sectors. Stas has been responsible for leading  RED's London-based Commercial team, focusing on the development, refurbishment, and fitout of London’s premier workplaces.

Stas Brzeski’s retirement marks the end of an era at RED Engineering Design. His unparalleled expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit have left an indelible mark on the organisation and the wider industry. We are immensely grateful for his contributions and the exceptional standards he set. David Taylor, Managing Director
Stas Brzeski Retires from RED Engineering Design After 40 Years

David Taylor, a Chartered Engineer, brings over 20 years of experience in various management and leadership roles across diverse sectors within the Built Environment. His expertise spans Aviation, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Commercial, and Cultural and Heritage projects. Having been appointed Managing Director of RED’s Built Environment business in January 2024, David is responsible for the strategic direction and continued growth of the team, ensuring project delivery is optimised and sustainable solutions are achieved for RED’s clients.

Dave continued: “As we celebrate Stas’ career and start looking to the future, we are confident in our succession planning and the new aspirations we have set for RED. This transition period is an opportunity to build on Stas' legacy and continue our growth trajectory.

“I am particularly excited to introduce Steve Morrow, who will play a key role in this new chapter, enhancing and broadening RED’s enviable position in the UK marketplace.

"The UK workplace and commercial sectors have faced substantial challenges over the past five years. However, in the aftermath of Covid-19, there has been a notable resurgence in activity. We are experiencing a significant increase in client enquiries and a diverse array of new projects, reflecting a strong demand across various portfolios."

Stas Brzeski Retires from RED Engineering Design After 40 Years

Now responsible for leading RED’s Commercial team, Steve brings 25 years of industry experience and boasts a diverse portfolio ranging from new builds to CAT A and CAT B refurbishment projects in London.

As a Regional Director, Steve has developed an outstanding ability to manage engineering teams, delivering fully coordinated building services designs for both public and private sector clients.

As we navigate this period of growth and transformation, our focus remains on delivering innovative and sustainable engineering solutions. The surge in client interest and the diversity of projects we are seeing are testaments to RED's enduring reputation and commitment to excellence. We are deeply involved with clients’ estates and provide specialist expertise on decarbonisation, plant upgrades, asset optimisation, EPC, CSR, as well as the standard new build and refurbishments components of the sector. Steve Morrow, Regional Director

As RED Engineering Design moves forward, the leadership is confident in the capabilities of its team and the new strategic direction set under David Taylor’s guidance. The company is well-positioned to continue its twenty-year history of engineering excellence.

Thank you to Stas Brzeski for his outstanding contributions to RED Engineering Design and the field of building services engineering. We wish him all the best in his retirement.

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