World Mental Health Day

10 Oct 2022

5 minutes to read

Today is World Mental Health Day and Team RED has taken the opportunity to focus on raising awareness of positive Mental Health practices.

It is our responsibility as employers of excellent individuals to keep learning so that we and others around us can better assist one another.

‘We Are Caring’, one of our four guiding values, encourages to promote health and wellbeing of our global team through the RED Wellness programme, which includes wellness events and activities. We do this by creating a culture of trust and respect.

RED is proud to have achieved the Silver Award at Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Awards and has been recognised for its commitment to workplace wellbeing.

Here are just some of the tips we have encouraged among our colleagues this week:

  1. Talking about feelings
  2. Keeping physically active
  3. Eating well
  4. Asking for help
  5. Caring for others

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