Heathrow Airport Terminal 3

This project involves a comprehensive due diligence review of stage 4 design, coordination of service routes during construction, builders works hole setting out, commissioning system review, and management of MEP construction models. It includes technical support, integration of third-party items, and commissioning assistance.


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The ongoing project focuses on ensuring airport compliance with new DfT requirements. Key elements include replacing security equipment and baggage scanners in central search areas. The project also involves strategically rearranging space to accommodate adapted passenger flows. These efforts aim to enhance security measures and streamline operations, ensuring the airport meets the latest regulatory standards for a seamless and compliant travel experience.

Anticipated Reduction in Central Search Processing Time.

Anticipated Reduction in Central Search Processing Time. The project aims to streamline security procedures, with an expected decrease in central search processing time, enhancing passenger flow and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

Anticipated Uplift in Operational Efficiency at Airport Security. Strategic adjustments in security equipment and layout are expected to result in a boost in the airport's processing capacity, facilitating smoother passenger transitions.

Improvement in Compliance Metrics

Expected Improvement in Compliance Metrics. As the project unfolds, improvement in compliance metrics is expected, demonstrating the project commitment to meeting and surpassing DfT requirements for a smoother flow of passengers and baggage.

At RED, our approach to this project is centred on achieving tangible improvements. We're not just streamlining security processes; our goal is a reduction in search time and a smoother experience for passengers, all while supporting TSS for a more efficient and precise project delivery. It's about making the airport work better for everyone involved.

Jack Gladdish

Principal Engineer