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Global Business School

Saudi Arabia

Living, Learning and Leisure, Education

Global Business School

RED provided MEP design services for the Global Business School (GBS) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Benoy who is the lead designer for the project providing a design philosophy that is in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to develop a progressive, knowledge-based economy.

An 1,200TR air-cooled chilled water system has been provided to the development with the various spaces cooled by distributed fan coil units (FCUs) and variable air volume air handling units (AHU’s). To enhance energy efficiency exhaust air energy recovery has been included along with ECM motors to the FCU’s and AHU’s. In addition to maintain a dynamic balance in the chilled water system with the highest return temperature possible electronic flow meter control valves have been used with all pumps having variable speed drives. Provision has also been made for the future addition of adiabatic pre-ccolers and VFD’s to the air cooled chillers.

The drainage system includes a grey water and condensate recovery system which is treated and used for irrigation.

Each lecture halls includes state of the art conferencing facilities so students from around the world can engage and interact.

Client: The Global Business School (a Batterjee Group company)

Location: Saudi Arabia

Period: Schematic Design June 2018, Construction late 2020

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