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2012 Green Enterprise IT Awards

Ark Continuity, BladeRoom and Red Engineering awarded as Finalist in Uptime Institute’s 2012 Green Enterprise IT Awards Competition

Companies recognised for the rapid deployment of Data Centre P1 at Ark’s Spring Park Data Centre Campus which delivers one of the most efficient data centres in the UK and as a result, one of the most cost effective hosting environments ever. 

Corsham, Wiltshire (April 19, 2012) – Ark Continuity, BladeRoom and Red Engineering today announced it was selected as a Finalist of the prestigious 2012 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards, presented by Uptime Institute. The GEIT Awards showcase organizations that are pioneering energy-efficiency improvements in their IT and data centre operations. The companies will be jointly honoured at the seventh annual Uptime Institute Symposium, taking place in Santa Clara, CA, from May 14 to 17 at the Santa Clara Convention Centre. Ark will present a case study about the initiative to the Symposium audience.

ArkBladeRoom and Red Engineering are being recognized in the Modular Data Centre Product Deployment for their delivery of a data centre constructed to meet client requirements delivered to order in less than 6 months. Using BladeRoom’s modular, scalable build technique, and the M&E Design expertise of Red Engineering, Ark has achieved this project in rapid timescales, removing significant risk and cost. Whilst matching growth to business demand and offering clients a product which precisely meets requirements.

Steve Webb, COO of Ark remarked upon the award “We are delighted to be recognized by the Uptime Institute, in the category of Modular Data Centre Product Deployment. We entered the market with the sole purpose of delivering data centres with the highest levels of security and availability, without compromising sustainability. Initially, we deployed a conventional data centre building, aligned to higher levels of security demanded by a number of our core clients. During the development phase the management board recognised the growing demand for data centre efficiencies, particularly those with no impact on quality and with an improved delivery time frame.

Our management team has been able to rapidly assess the products available in the market to arrive at this beneficial BladeRoom data centre solution. With our agility and experience, together with that of our professional partners, including Red Engineering; and the supply chain’s acceptance and ability to follow our lead, we have achieved a major step change in our business solutions strategy. Furthermore, this step change was swiftly implemented by delivering the first of many planned data rooms.”

A principal objective of the GEIT Awards is to educate the data centre and IT industries in effective ways to reduce energy and resource consumption by highlighting innovation and best practices. The Awards are open to applicants in all countries, and entries are thoroughly reviewed by an international committee of independent judges. Past winners include AOL, Hewlett-Packard, Helsingin Energia, Itaú, MassMutual Financial Group, Savvis, Schneider Electric, Sun Microsystems, the University of Notre Dame, the US House of Representatives and Verizon Wireless.

The 2012 Uptime Institute Symposium is focused on the theme of Digital Infrastructure Convergence™, a 'call to action' for IT and facilities management professionals to increase their levels of strategic communication and cooperation. Symposium is also featuring a unique Modular Data Centre Campus, providing an opportunity to view actual modular data centre designs insidethe convention centre. 

Those interested in attending the GEIT Award Winner presentations may register for a Delegate or free Modular Data Centre and Expo-Only pass by clicking here.

About Ark Continuity Limited

Ark’s first data centre was built in 2002 for a major UK mobile network and their partners. From here they deploy communications gateways, cross platform exchanges, process data and store devices to support the ever growing mobile data sector.

Ark specialise in the design, build and operation of high integrity data centres, developed to deliver optimum security and availability with the highest levels of sustainability; from the ground up.

Delivering security

Ark delivers comprehensive risk based, multi-layered, security regimes accredited to ISO 27001 and JSP 440 (controls). These include 24 x 7 guarding, monitoring and management from onsite command centres.

Delivering availability

Ark achieves the highest standards in availability and is accredited to BS 25999. Rigorous engineering and leading technology combined with modular, predictable and scalable infrastructures deliver choice of resilience, power density and energy configurations to meet occupiers’ requirements.

Ark’s data centre model offers all the benefits of owner-occupation - discrete space and dedicated infrastructure - but on an outsourced, modular basis. Customers have the security of their own technical space and infrastructure, with room to expand as their requirements grow; whilst moving the investment from capital expenditure to operating expense.

Delivering sustainability

Ark, accredited to ISO 14001, deliver sustainability from the ground up; from design, build,  energy sources, use and waste, to operations and end of life, Ark actively seeks to minimise the impact to the environment whilst promoting social responsibility and delivering the best economic outcome.

The team of industry professionals have vast experience in mission critical engineering between them and have delivered on projects across the UK, Europe and USA.

Ark is one of the few organisations able to say they have turned their plans into reality, many companies in the industry have announced plans to build over the last few years, to fulfil the huge demand for sustainable and high availability data centres, but few have been able to demonstrate their commitment.

As Ark continues to build, both at their Spring Park and Cody Park Data Centre Campus locations, they will provide a variety of high integrity data centres which offer a flexible approach to organisations who appreciate the need for secure, available and sustainable data processing, storage and communications solutions.  Both the Wiltshire and Hampshire sites are aligned with the UK governments’ policy to reduce the environmental impact of ICT by ensuring improvements in energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; in particular focusing on the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Ark has headquarters at Hartham Park, an executive business park based in a listed Grade 2 Georgian Mansion House surrounded by 50 acres of parkland, and situated just a few miles from Spring Park. Ark also has operational offices in Balderton Street, London.

Further information

Please contact Ark Continuity for further information:

Telephone: 0845 389 3355



About Red Engineering Design

RED designs MEP services for infrastructure, new buildings and upgrade projects, with a focus on innovative, low energy solutions. We design for mixed-use projects, data centres, offices, hotels, residential, retail and high rise.  We employ accredited tier designers and have designed numerous award winning low energy data centres, including our winning 2011 Uptime Green Enterprise Award project.

The inspiration behind RED was a determination by its founding directors to identify a way to provide world class MEP services which raised speed and quality AND which freed the directors to concentrate on client projects not general management.

Our unique Global business model does just this. It enables all directors to spend at least 85% of their time on client matters, and all our senior engineers to focus on innovative design.  We know how to produce, with great efficiency, designs that work, that comply and that meet our clients high expectations for global project delivery.

Before setting up RED early in 2005, all of our directors had a record of exceptional success in leading project design and management teams with other companies.

RED’s founding directors were united in their beliefs that low energy design would become increasingly vital, that they had the design expertise to fulfil that need and that they could devise a corporate structure which could maintain design expertise at its core, even whilst growing significantly year-on-year. 

About BladeRoom

BladeRoom Systems – Precise Efficient Cooling, Scalable Modular Data Centres

The group specialises in the provision of technically complex, rapidly delivered, factory built modular facilities, with clients ranging from large blue chip and public organisations to military organisations with whom we work directly having supported them in many different conflict zones. Our healthcare business has provided mission critical healthcare facilities, particularly operating theatres, where we have delivered over 100 complex projects (50,000m2) in the last six years.

Rapidly procured, delivered and operational, the BladeRoom modular data centre system is ideal to create any sized data centre. The data centre design benefits from low operational costs with a highly efficient data centre cooling system.

Control of temperature, pressure regimes and filtration is critical with, resilience an extremely high priority. Regardless of the climate highly filtered air is delivered at the right temperature in the right quantities using an efficient mix of free air and cooling, even in hot and dusty climates like the Middle East.

The BladeRoom system is infinitely scalable - meaning you can increase capacity rapidly in line with your business growth and deploy new data centres or expand existing sites in record time.

The BladeRoom system has a 60-year design life and is structurally capable of multi-storey configurations without the need for additional strengthening. It is designed in accordance with the most demanding international standards - and compliant with BS, ISO and IEC amongst other standards.

The BladeRoom factory is a large, modern spotlessly clean environment where best practice methods are employed to ensure a safe, efficient and timely production system. 

About Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute provides independent thought leadership, certification, education and professional services for the global data centre industry in over 50 countries. It serves all industry stakeholders, including enterprise and third-party owners and operators, manufacturers, service providers, and engineers. Through Uptime Institute Professional Services, Uptime Institute delivers due-diligence assessments and Certifications of site infrastructure and site management in accordance with the Tier and Operational Sustainability Standards.

Uptime Institute, a division of The 451 Group, is headquartered in New York, with offices in key locations, including San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Singapore. The 451 Group also owns 451 Research, a leading technology-industry syndicated research and data firm focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. 

Ready to join the team?

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