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ESOS Round 2! Chore or opportunity?

  1. Four years have passed and the second cycle of ESOS has begun with the main questions being asked (again):
  • Why are we having to do this (and will Brexit make a difference)?
  • Is our organisation obliged to participate?
  • What are the timelines for Qualification and Compliance?
  • How can I limit the financial and resources impact to my company? 
  • What are the alternatives to ESOS?
  • How can I get the most out of the exercise?

The qualifying period began at the end of last year and the time to nail the company strategy is right now.

From our experience in the previous cycle, companies that actually used the exercise as a useful stepping stone to reduce their energy costs were the ones who achieved payback for the additional effort put in, whereas those who regarded it as a box-ticking exercise did not achieve any real long-lasting value from the experience.

As licensed ESOS assessors, RED would be pleased to help you with your energy strategy for the next cycle.

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