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How IsBank’s Istanbul data centre achieved Tier IV Gold Operational Sustainability

Critical to the current and future operations of Turkey’s largest bank, IsBank identified a need for a world class data center. Understanding the unique resource needs of a data center, IsBank required that it should minimize the environmental impact through an energy efficient design and allow for cost-effective flexibility in future expansion.

Based on the international status of the bank, the project gained immediate and high visibility. The 44,000 m2, seismically isolated data center was expected to set a new benchmark for all future data center facilities in the region.

During this partnership, RED guided IsBank from concept to design to construction. By leveraging RED’s technical expertise, both entities were able to develop a solution that optimized operations, increased energy efficiency and kept capital cost low.

IsBank has achieved Tier IV and Gold standards. To achieve these standards, IsBank understood the proper procedures and policies had to be in place. During a six-month period, RED engaged with various stakeholders to help define the procedures and policies as well as roll-out the implementation of them via the bank operators.

The Uptime Institute's Operational Sustainability standards are designed to ensure that well designed data centres live up to their promises. This means delivering full performance potential, avoiding errors and identifying opportunities to increase energy efficiency and minimise risks, on a continuous basis. The Tier IV Gold standard asserts that the technology and processes in place are so strong that they will be good for at least three years.

Achieving Tier IV Gold ensures that a data centre fulfils its potential, reducing downtime, running costs and energy use, in the process. Getting there, though, depends as much upon the operator, as on the technology and the consultant engineers involved. In this instance, the determined commitment of the IsBank, was thus crucial.

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