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RED joins ENGIE Impact – bridging sustainability expertise & digital capabilities

RED has led efforts towards the zero carbon goal for over a decade, with a clear focus on providing step-change low carbon solutions which are also commercially viable. This approach requires and inspires the very best engineers available.

Today, RED has reached a point on the path towards zero carbon, far beyond that envisaged when it was founded in 2004 - but the urgency of the final goal has become much greater and moved beyond energy to other resources.

ENGIE impact launched in July 2019, uniting RED, ENGIE Insight, Ecova UK, and the Advisory and Advanced Analytics division of Tractebel under one common umbrella. ENGIE Impact offers consulting and services for sustainability strategy development, execution and tracking to accelerate sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments around the world.

Stakeholders and society in general demand more action against climate change from companies and local governments. In February 2019, ENGIE adopted a strategy aiming to offer businesses and local government the ability to achieve their zero-carbon transition in a simple, integrated and financed manner.

As part of this effort, ENGIE Impact was created to engage with executives and organizational leaders to set tailored strategies and specific roadmaps to achieve their sustainability and zero-carbon objectives, across energy, water, waste and more, globally. With 20+ offices worldwide and headquarters in New York City, ENGIE Impact today has a portfolio of 1,000 clients, including 25% of the Fortune 500 Companies, across more than 1,000,000 sites.

As part of ENGIE Impact, RED expands on its technical expertise to deliver market leading building services and IT Infrastructure engineering solutions for a more sustainable connected world.

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