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RED’s Antoine Khalife invited to the World Student Summit

RED’s Antoine Khalife has been invited to the World Student Summit which is in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program Education and Training Unit, Prime Minister’s Office of Kenya, and University of Nairobi. The summit is due to be opened by the Prime Minister of Kenya and the Minister of Environment.

Antoine’s role will see him running a sustainable energy workshop at the summit for which he developed a competition. International groups of students are already working on the competition material and will be presenting the outcome at the student summit in front of a jury.

Antoine will also be giving a presentation on sustainable energy during the summit. Further, he has been asked to undertake a field survey of Nyakongo village, a rural village in Western Kenya with the intention of transforming it into a model sustainable village in the future. The field survey and the case study of the village is a follow up to his work in Geneva at the World Engineering Convention.

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