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RED’s Antoine Khalife Presented at the the World Engineering Convention in Geneva

A 12 month project by Antoine titled “Sustainable Solutions for Daily Life in Urban Regions” undertaken as part of an international team of young engineers was presented at the convention.

The presentation was a huge success as it dealt with not only the technical aspects of sustainability but also the proper application at local level and the education of the local population in how to maximise the benefits of new technology though proper operation and maintenance, ie; making developing world sustainability sustainable. The judging panel were won over to the degree that the Swiss University FHNW are in the process of registering a foundation for which they have offered Antoine the role of Vice-Chairman or Secretary General.  The Foundation’s purpose is to implement the ideas which Antoine and his colleagues presented which were titled “Sustainable Nodes”.

Antoine also had the opportunity to meet with the Lebanese delegates from the WFEO (World Federation of Engineering Organizations) who were equally impressed and are looking to collaborate with Antoine to provide him with a community for a case study for “Sustainable Nodes”.

The President of EYE (European Young Engineers) is waiting on a 5 page draft in order to start a further collaboration.  And, July next year will see a summit hosted in the United Nations Building in Kenya.  Antoine has been invited to speak at the event based on a Kenyan community case study on “Sustainable Nodes”.

To record the contribution gathered over the last few months Antoine has created the following website where the contributions have been uploaded.   Professor Martin Kloeti from FHNW University has said the website will be the subject of future student learning.

The forthcoming months will see regular monthly contact with the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) who have offered to be on the board of advisors, together with further contributions from Red’s Phil Reid who has been invited to become part of the Technical Committee

Antoine’s successes will be the subject of a feature in a Swiss environmental magazine.

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