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RED's Robin Smith takes home Customer Engagement Award!

A massive congratulations to RED’s Robin Smith who took away the Customer Engagement (special prize) award for the development of web app “assuRED” at Monday night’s Tractebel Awards, in Brussels.

assuRED is a web based app that provides local and up to date weather and energy performance metrics.  It provides climate classification information and the associated PUE of a data centre in a given location for different weather conditions including, live/maximum/minimum/extreme PUEs.

In the words of Gillian-Alexandre Huart (Chief Officer pf Energy Transition at Tractebel) “Sometimes you face submissions that fit perfectly into the categories provided but they have something more, some spark.  Something different, something new that you can replicate and build upon to create a new business model.  assuRED – created by one person who started his own project over some time and has created a very digital tool that could open more business and very good customer experience”.

Congratulations to Robin for a great achievement and a special thanks to Julien de Charentenay for providing Robin with continued support!

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