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RED senior management team developments

The RED Companies are now firmly established in the UK, European and Middle East regions and are now focusing on further expansion to create new opportunities for all of our people.

Accordingly, Bob Ward will, with effect from 1st April 2011, take up a new role as Chairman Red Asia. In this new role, Bob will co-ordinate and lead our global research of, and possible entry into new markets together with their services, sectors and product requirements. In line with the policy that all directors continue to be fee-earning, Bob will also take up a directorship of RED Group Services to provide client and project support to RED and REME on international work, particularly retail.

Ian Whitfield will take over the Managing Director role at Red Engineering Design. As has been the case for the past few months, Chris Stokes takes responsibility for our Oxford Office and Tony Purcell’s leadership of RED’s London office is now supported by Ken McLean.

Mick Cairns will continue to lead RED Engineering Middle East as Managing Director, supported by Brian Dryburgh.

Ed Whitney’s leadership of Red Asia’s Manila office will continue unchanged.

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