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Roxburgh Theatre & New Music School


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Roxburgh Theatre & New Music School

The new music school consists of auditorium, practice rooms and teaching spaces. It was constructed over two levels using the landscape to hide the massing of the building. The existing Roxburgh theatre was completely refurbished using the principles adopted for the new music school. Access control systems were also provided to limit access to parts of the buildings during evening performances. Life safety systems were provided to enable automatic detection of a fire incident and safe evacuation from the buildings in the event of a power cut.

The new build music school and refurbishment of the Roxburgh theatre provided RED with the opportunity to work with the project architect to develop energy efficient services solution’s to ensure the environmental conditions within the auditoriums, practice rooms and teaching spaces are maintained for varying occupancy levels, stage performances, rehearsal and teaching purposes minimising background and break out noise levels. Both buildings are naturally ventilated.

Client: Stowe School

Location: UK

Period: 2011-2012 (Music school). 2012-2014 (Roxy).

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